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Wooden Garden Gates Lovely Wooden Garden Gates Wooden Gates Inside Wooden Garden Gates Ideas
Wooden Garden Gates Delightful
Wooden Garden Gates Lovely Wooden Garden Gates Wooden Gates Inside Wooden Garden Gates Ideas

Wooden garden gates are the traditional style of gate that is still very commonly seen throughout the country. While steel or wrought iron gates also remain popular, there’s something about the natural qualities of wood that somehow lends itself much more to a garden setting. Wooden garden gates have a robust nature combined with style and elegance that metal can fail to have. There’s something about them that just feels right, and every garden should have one. Wooden garden gates simply make sense at a deep, basic level.

Wooden garden gates

can be available in so many traditional styles that you are really spoiled for choice. The flat top, essentially rectangular and solid, garden gate is perhaps the most basic design. A variation on it is the flat top but slatted gate that has thin spaces between its upright planks. Next to that in terms of simplicity comes the arched top gates, which is essentially the same in basic design as the flat top, but with a curved and arched top. A variation of that design is one that has the outer and inner beam structures of the gate raised above the lower arch levels.

Another popular design for wooden gates is one that has the top third of the gate, approximately, open with upright bars connecting to a top supporting horizontal or arched beam. A fairly traditional approach is to have wooden upright bars connecting to a top arched beam, which gives the gate a kind of sameness look throughout. An arguably more interesting design is one that incorporates metal upright bars connecting to an arched wooden top beam. The same design can also have the metal bars connect to a flat horizontal wooden beam.

One less commonly seen design is the reverse arched top beam with wooden upright bars connecting to it. This design actually works surprisingly well, though it doesn’t immediately lend itself to a pleasing design if you only think about it. Other wooden garden gate designs are of course possible, but these tend to be the most common ones. A lifting latch is almost obligatory on a wooden garden gate. The latch has a large ring at its pivoting point to make opening and closing easier.


Wooden garden gates are more than just for functional use, they are the focus point from the outside, one of the first things someone will see of your garden. They offer a more traditional look than metal gates do, and they suggest something more robust and solid too. Wooden garden gates give a garden environment an extra touch of style.

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