Window Box Planters To Welcome Spring

a decorative iron window box for potted plants allows you changing the plants and blooms when you want

Spring is almost round the corner and if you are puzzling over outdoor decor and furniture, here’s a cool idea to refresh your house look on the outside – add window box planters! This is a cool and a bit old-fashioned idea, which will bring a cool fresh touch to your house. What to plant in there? Flowers, greenery, foliage, even veggies and berries! You may DIY or buy them – as many as you need. Here are some ideas you may like.

Wooden Window Box Planters

Window box planters are more often made of wood, this a traditional material, which can be easily reached. Consider the outer look of your house and then choose the look of your box: modern and sleek, traditional and paneled, rustic and slatted. Take a box and paint it in any color you like without adding special touches – this is a more modern and fresh idea. If you want a natural touch, cover the box planter with twigs and branches completely, if you prefer traditional and classic looks – go for paneled box planters. A rustic stained box planter will be a nice idea for a farmhouse, the darker the stain is, the bolder the contrast will be.

Metal Window Box Planters

A metal window box planter is a more seldom thing but they are no less stylish and much more durable than wooden window box planters. If you prefer a more modern look, choose a sleek surface, maybe a painted one. If you like more traditional and refined looks, go for a window planter with potted plants and flowers inside. Such a planter allows changing the plants and flowers inside anytime you want.

after choosing a planter, you’ll need to choose plants and blooms for it. And again – if you want a rustic feel, add berries, cabbages, herbs and mix them with blooms. If you prefer more modern looks, fill the planter with greenery and foliage.

an English farmhouse style emerald window box with berries, fruits and flowers wows at once
a stained slatted wood window box with fresh flowers adds interest to the light blue shutters
a small white window box with bright pink and purple blooms and cascading greenery will add a colorful touch
a blue crown molding window box planter with lush greenery, blooms and foliage of various colors
a cream-colored molding flower box with pink flowers is a traditional idea to go for
a chic white window box planter with white flowers and cascading greenery brings ultimate elegance
a white window box planter with pastel spring blooms and a little bird house for more coziness and sweetness
a white window box planter on a white wall looks invisible, especially with cascading flowers
a traditional black wooden box planter with bright flowers, greenery and foliage for a bold look
a neutral wooden window box planter with colorful blooms and flowers around it, too
a blackened metal window box with black semigloss finish and bold red blooms for a statement
a decorative iron window box for potted plants allows you changing the plants and blooms when you want
a DIY wood and tin window box planter with greenery and other plants and some letters

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