36 Vertical Garden With Ecosculptures

Vertical Garden with Ecosculptures Awesome 41 Environmental Design Pieces
Vertical Garden with Ecosculptures Awesome 41 Environmental Design Pieces
Vertical Garden with Ecosculptures Awesome 41 Environmental Design Pieces

There are various techniques for interior decoration, from simply hanging baskets with plants to the mounting of frames on the wall where plants are embedded. Installation of a vertical garden is convenient and cost-effective, but aside from these advantages, your home will also transform into a more unique and interesting living space.

A vertical garden, also called the green wall, can be customized according to your preferences and personality. To give your backyard or indoor garden the splendor of flowing water and to add chic, then you can add a fountain. And with our modern technology, one can select from a wide range of elegant designs that can complement the setting of your garden. Also, the aquatic sounds have soothing effects so you can relax after a day’s work or just anytime you want.

Moreover, one of the finest innovations related to vertical gardens is the addition of an aquarium. The concept is very symbiotic since the plants in the vertical garden, as well as the aquatic creatures in the aquarium can benefit from the set-up the fish provide the garden plants with natural fertilizer through their poop and at the same time, the garden filters the water for the fish.

Vertical gardens are definitely practical add-ons to homes. One of its advantages is that you can grow and harvest your own fruits, vegetables, herbs and crops. It is a lot safer too since you can ensure proper handling of the plants by avoiding use of chemicals. You can also save yourself from the stress and be able to set aside some money since fresh produce can be found right in your garden.

Well, this type of gardening is very flexible. Aside from fresh produce, you can also grow some flowers and enjoy the beauty and colors of blossoms. So, whenever you need to give your loved one a present, then some flowers from your garden can do. And the best part is that you need not go to a flower shop.

Setting up a vertical garden is definitely a good idea for aside from its aesthetic appeal, it also promotes environmental wellness. The plants filter pollutants from the air, which means that the air one breathes is purified, thus, it is healthier. Vertical gardens also promote water conservation since they usually utilize drip irrigation in distributing water to the plants. The wastewater is then collected at the base of the garden and it can be reused for the plants. This means that there is very minimal waste.

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