Types of House Plants

Types Of House Plants Inspirational 32 Beautiful Indoor House Plants that are Also Easy to Maintain
Types of House Plants
Types Of House Plants Inspirational 32 Beautiful Indoor House Plants that are Also Easy to Maintain

The types of common house plants fall under 4 categories.

Most folks are always looking for easy care no fuss no mess type of house plants. There is no such thing. Fake plants are an option but they also require attention. Cleaning removing dust, debris and old fabric is still a chore.

The types of common house plants fall under 4 categories.

Foliage house plants: There are numerous varieties and they should live permanently under ideal indoor conditions. This could be at home or an office setting. Foliage plants are grown and used primarily for their foliage color or leafy looks. And just like people a few of these plants will start to lose their valuable appearance once they reach a certain age. Here are few examples.

Sansivera – The “Mother in Laws Tongue” is one variety that does well indoors.

Peperomia – Peperomias grow about 5 in. high. Foliage color is can be anywhere from light green to almost purplish.

Pothos – Are large leafy plants that are considered viny. The Golden Pothos grows fast and is one of the most common among house plant enthusiasts.

Indoor Bonsai – The majority of indoor bonsai are the Ficus species. Planting them in smaller bonsai containers will dwarf the plant. It is recommended to re-pot every 2-3 years or so to maintain the small size.

Flowering house plants: These are plants that will flower off and on throughout the year providing they get water, nutrients and the correct indoor sunlight. After flowering many will continue to show attractive foliage. Some flowering house plants need to spend the summer outdoors. Be sure to bring indoors once the cooler weather arrives.

Bird of Paradise – Grown for their large foliage and fantastic yellow and reddish blooms.

Gardenia – Waxy type foliage with white blooms that will surprise your nose with a wonderful apricot smell. Very fragrant.

Kalanchoe – 2 types once looks like a succulent (Blossfeldiana) upright reddish blooms and the (manginii) with pink trumpet like blooms.

Indoor Hibscus – Red, yellow and pinkish blooms. Blooms from spring to autumn.

Flowering Potted Plants: There are hundreds of house plants that can be used in a pot. Many are used for a floral display. They will do well providing they have ideal indoor conditions. Once the floral display has expired they should be re-potted or discarded. Use taller type plants like the dracaena in the background and shorter plants in the foreground.

Cacti: These plants are used for year long display. They are in the succulent family and need very little care but not to the point of complete neglect. Watering is only done about 2 times per month. Water more often for spectacular blooms in spring. Many varieties cannot tolerate temperatures below 32degrees farenheight. It is best to place them where they will receive as much sunshine as possible. They have prickly spines that can injure children or pets.

Sansiveria – Mother in laws tongue rigid upright pointing fronds no blooms.

Echeveria – Small cacti type plants that are easy care. There are numerous varieties and most are short and come in various colors.

Senecio – Is also called “bead of pearls’ because that is what they look like. These should be used as a hanging plant.

Be sure to ask for these type of plants at your local retail nursery store.

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