Timeless Gold Christmas Decor Ideas

an emerald tree with gold ornaments looks chic and contrasting, this is a glam combo for the holidays

We’ve already shared many ideas for Christmas decor: red and emerald, red and gold, gold and black, white and silver, frosty blue and many others but what we’ve missed one of the most timeless ideas – gold Christmas decor. Metallic decor is very popular today, and such shades as copper, gold and silver are popping up everywhere. Besides, gold is a timeless color, which is often used to give your holiday decor some chic, it’s one of the traditional colors for winter holidays.

There are gold Christmas trees, gold ornaments, wreaths and garlands, you can mix them with white, black and even with other metals to achieve a trendy and edgy look. Gold is sure to add a gorgeous glam touch to your holiday decor, plus it will make your interiors shiny throughout the whole winter. let’s have a look at the coolest ideas.

Gold Christmas Trees

There are amazing gold pre-lit Christmas trees to buy, they look really bold and stand out in a cool way – this isn’t your usual tree! You can find gold ombre Christmas trees for even a more interesting look. If you don’t want to buy such a tree, make it yourself of a usual or white one using gold spray paint. Another idea is rocking gold ornaments on a traditional Christmas tree or maybe a flocked one, what’s great about gold ornaments – they look awesome with almost any color of your tree but especially with white trees and emerald ones.


Gold Christmas Ornaments

Gold Christmas ornaments can be used in many ways, not only on trees. First of all, you can make various gold ornament displays – in bowls, boxes, lanterns, jars, baskets and so on. Make garlands of these ornaments and attach them to the bannister, mantel, walls and windows. Make wreaths of evergreens and gold ornaments, they are sure to be timeless and you can use them in many years too, it’s classics that never goes out of style. Attach gold ornaments all around the window and add jingle bells to make the windows amazing.

Gold Christmas Decor

Hang gold sequin stockings to add a refined touch to your space, make garlands of gold pinecones to decorate your space and add a rustic and glam touch. Small gold jingle bells will be nice for decorating mantels and windows, decorate your mantel with gold leaf and fruit garlands and wreaths. Gold looks amazing with many colors and will fit many interiors – rustic, glam, modern, minimalist and so on. There are many more amazing ways to add gold touches to your holiday decor, get inspired and rock something that you like!

a gold pre-lit Christmas tree with white ornaments and a faux fur skirt
a large Christmas tree with lots of vintage ornaments in gold looks amazing
a gold Christmas tree decorated with white ornaments is great for a glam space
an emerald tree with gold ornaments looks chic and contrasting, this is a glam combo for the holidays
a small tabletop Christmas tree with gold and white ornaments looks contrasting and festive
vintage gold ombre Christmas tree is a unique idea for winter holidays
a gold pre-lit Christmas tree doesn’t require any ornaments or decorations as it’s bold itself
a vintage gold frame with gold ornaments hanging inside is a great decoration to make
a mixed metals Christmas wreath in silver, gold and champagne colors
a gold glitter and white ornaments with various prints
a festive gold and pearly ornament display in jars
a cool gold ornament garland for decorating the staircase
white lanterns filled with gold and gold glitter ornaments are great for marking the steps
display some gold and gold glitter ornaments in jars to get chic Christmas decor
an evergreen wreath with gold and silver ornaments is a timeless idea for a front door
gold ornaments and a large star lantern will make your window holiday-like
a Christmas wreath of gold pinecones looks glam and chic
a glitter gold artwork with lights is an easy DIY to make
a gold pinecone garland is great for rustic and glam Christmas decor
an evergreen and gold fruit and leaf garland and wreath for a holiday fireplace
an evergreen wreath with gold ribbon and a bow looks natural and very cute
little gold bell garlands will be nice for decorating your window
little gold bell garlands will be nice for decorating your window

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