The Bamboo Garden Fence

The Bamboo Garden Fence New Bamboo as A Fence Garden Edging Contemporary for 15
Bamboo Garden
The Bamboo Garden Fence New Bamboo as A Fence Garden Edging Contemporary for 15

A bamboo garden fence is a fantastic addition to any garden area. It can be used in creating a boundary between your garden and the rest of your yard space. Unless your yard is very large, chances are that your garden is very visible. Bamboo garden fences can block out messy weeds or compost piles from plain view, as well as keeping four legged visitors out.

Although there are lots of possibilities when it comes to garden fences, bamboo is probably the most inexpensive option as well as being the easiest to erect. Despite its appearance, bamboo is actually quite strong and durable. It stands up well to the sun and weather so is a good choice for any garden.

As with any natural products, bamboo will deteriorate over time and so will require some care. Applying a treatment suitable for your area and weather conditions, to your bamboo garden fence, will reduce damage.

If you want to separate your garden from the rest of your yard, bamboo garden fences will work well and be aesthetically pleasing. It can be easily installed onto an existing fence or attached to a wooden frame using galvanized wire or heavy duty staples.

If you are looking to simply screen off an area, a movable fence is a good alternative. In this case bamboo fence panels are probably your best option. With bamboo, you can easily build, move and then dismantle the fence when it’s time for a clean-up.

If the reason for having a fence is mainly to keep animals out of your garden, you will want to install the bamboo fence panels onto a wood frame. That way you cam keep the bamboo from touching the ground. Although bamboo is a tough, durable material it doesn’t do well with direct contact with the ground. You can get around that problem and still use bamboo. Here’s how.

Plan on using wood fence posts to sink into the ground. Then you can frame individual bamboo panels between pieces of wood. To prevent gaps at the bottom of the fence place a wooden board along the fence bottom. Keep it snug to the ground and be sure the bamboo does not overlap the wood and touch the ground.

Gardeners are good stewards of the environment, attempting to be as earth friendly as possible. You’ll be pleased to know that using bamboo products is an environmentally responsible decision. That’s because bamboo is considered a renewable resource. It uses less energy to grow and harvest then it does to produce a chain link fence. And of course it takes many years less to grow bamboo as compared to a tree.

With its versatility, durability and relatively low cost, a bamboo garden fence is the perfect choice for the backyard garden patch.

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