32 Stunning Mail Holder Ideas On The Wall

Stunning Mail Holder Ideas On the Wall
Mail Holder How To Organize Mail And Paperwork Amazing mail storage from Stunning Mail Holder Ideas On The Wall, source:cpgabrielmiro.com
Stunning Mail Holder Ideas On the Wall

The holiday season is only a few weeks away! Don’t panic; let me help you prepare for the holidays without feeling overwhelmed and frazzled.

I’ve come up with a “you can make it happen” plan that will allow you to organize 5 key areas of your home before the holidays without organizing every hour of every day.

Imagine feeling more in control, more relaxed and better prepared.

Are you in? Fantastic, let’s get started. Here are some ground rules.

1. Make a decision and be ruthless about your stuff.
2. Use a timer to keep you focused. Set it for 20 minutes. If it goes off and you want to continue, I’m certainly not going to stop you!
3. Have a trash bag and a donation bag with you at all times. Once it’s in the bag, it stays in the bag…see rule #1.
4. Ask your family for help.

The 5 Areas:

Entry closet: Make room for guest’s coats and for your own winter outerwear. Store your off-season items in another closet, the basement, or way in the back of the entry closet and leave the more accessible storage for the winter outerwear. Add some extra hangers to hold guest’s coats.

Entry Way: make a good first impression for yourself and for guests. Put away items that do not belong in the entry way. If your keys lack a home, hang a key holder on the wall or use a container for your keys: a basket, dish, or tray. Shoes tend to gravitate to the entry way. Gather them up and put them back into bedroom closets. If you no longer wear a pair of shoes, donate them.

Fridge/Freezer: Ready for all the yummy holiday food? You will need extra room in your fridge/freezer if you are hosting a holiday meal or love to bake holiday cookies. Look for expired food and toss. Wondering if it’s safe to eat, here are some food guidelines. Categorize the rest of the food so the like items are together and wipe down shelves. Place a new box of baking soda in the fridge and in the freezer to absorb odors.

Guest Bathroom: Clear the counter and sink area. Put items back where they belong and set out your nicest towels (the ones you have been saving for guests). If you wish, put together a basket of sample size toiletries for overnight guests.

Kitchen Counter: Recycle or shred junk mail and papers that are no longer important. Is there a pile of magazines on your counter waiting to be read? Be realistic, you will probably never catch up enough to read back issues. If magazines are more than a couple month old, recycle or donate them to a doctor’s office or library. Contain the magazines you keep in a basket or box next to your reading chair. Put away the odds and ends that have been living on your counter but really belong in another room. If you rarely use an appliance, store it out of sight, not on your counter. Treat yourself to your favorite scented fall scented candle.
Follow the “you can make it happen” plan to go from overwhelmed to organized. Here’s a calendar to keep you focused and on track. Print the calendar and post it in a prominent location. As you organize an area, cross it off on the calendar, because nothing says DONE more than a black line drawn through a task.


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