Modern garden design has become an essential part of gardening. Modern architecture started in Europe since the beginning of twentieth century but it was not only then that the concept

A spacious dining room was considered a necessity in older homes. However, today the emphasis has moved toward allotting more space for the family room as well as other activity

Depending on your length of your garden and backyard your bridge can be anywhere from three to twenty feet. Normally the width will be about three feet. Arch designs are

From the beliefs, culture and mythology of China, Feng Shui was born. It is an ancient belief in the art of placement. Literally translated, Feng Shui means wind and water

To create a beautiful backyard garden a person needs patience and determination. After all that hard work, the best way to enjoy it would be setting up a patio full

Outdoor Living Rooms – Introduced and Explained Outdoor Living Room Ideas. Considering a garden as an outdoor room is nothing new to garden designers. The concept is just now making