30 Amazing Nautical Wallpaper Into Your Home

Nautical Wallpaper Into Your Home Luxury Nautical Wallpaper Design Ideas source Via : Decorpad.com
Nautical Wallpaper Into Your Home Luxury Nautical Wallpaper Design Ideas source Via : Decorpad.com
Nautical Wallpaper Into Your Home Luxury Nautical Wallpaper Design Ideas source Via : Decorpad.com

One of the most popular styles of wallpaper today is nautical wallpaper. When many people think of nautical themed wallpaper they think of boat anchors and white sailor caps. But the popular style has moved into the 21st century. The variety of styles and themes available today make it one of the most versatile wallpapers around. So let’s dig into nautical wallpaper a little deeper and learn about three styles that are growing in popularity every day.

1. The Living Room

Of course it has always been possible to decorate one’s living room in a nautical theme. But this limits the room, and often comes off a little pushy as if we are trying to force our love of the theme to our guests, who may not share our preference. But with the variety of styles available today, it is very easy to decorate a living room in the theme without that décor being too pushy or campy. Instead of boat anchors and sailors, why not try a tropical leaf, woven bamboo or blue and white damask pattern? All of these provide an elegant style that is virtually unrecognizable when compared with the themes available previously.

2. The Bathroom

Decorating the bathroom in a nautical theme has been popular for decades. But with the new styles available, why not reconsider the entire approach? There are many ways to introduce the theme to the bathroom without reverting to the old clichés. For instance, the Brown Tropical Palm Trees design provides a vague connection to the sea with a dark and rich palm tree pattern. Or how about the Pink Botanical Floral design? It gives a tropic feel without screaming beach. There are hundreds of styles that work for the bathroom while keeping a fresh, albeit subdued allegiance to the theme.

3. The Kid’s Room

While it is sometimes tempting to revert to animated themes for a child’s room, there are many of these styles that will delight the child’s imagination while still maintaining the mature décor of the home. The Light Blue Under the Sea Wallpaper, for instance, is not your average fish-themed wallpaper. The illustrations are lifelike, modern and beautiful. The colors and light, easily blending with existing décor. The teal Marina Wallpaper style is another great choice for the child’s room. Its colors are subdued and its designs slightly faded, giving it a graceful, playful look while still providing a level of professionalism.

There are many ways to bring the nautical theme into your home with wallpaper. Today it is easier than ever. There are numerous styles, themes and patterns available for the DIY home decorator. Make a selection and bring nautical wallpaper into your home today.

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