Natural swimming pools

Natural Swimming Pools Luxury Natural Swimming Pools Lowimpactlow Impact Living Info
Natural swimming pools2
Natural Swimming Pools Luxury Natural Swimming Pools Lowimpactlow Impact Living Info

Natural swimming pools contain no harmful chemicals or chlorine, they are incredibly low-maintenance, they are naturally heated, and as opposed to having any harmful impact on the environment, they will actually improve the atmosphere around them. From beauty to enjoyment to a wonderful watery garden system, these pools have it all!

Imagine yourself relaxing by a garden pond, perhaps one with a waterfall or a stream in your own backyard. However, as opposed to this beautiful scene only being useful for looking at, breathing in, and listening to, it is perfectly suitable for a delightful swim as well!

In Europe, natural swimming pools are actually fairly common. Now the United States are finally starting to catch on to this luxurious landscaping trend. Especially if you are an environmental enthusiast, you will love this type of combination garden pond and swimming pool. The main objective is to create a perfectly balanced eco-system, similar to a natural lake.

If you’re willing to do the digging a natural swimming pool can be created for as little as $2,000 with no steel, concrete, or chemicals. Other components include a border of aquatic plants that create natural filters, aeration using buried plastic tubing, and sealing either using bentonite clay or an actual pool liner.

Once the system is in place and working properly, the natural swimming pool will be much simpler to maintain than a regular swimming pool. If you build a natural swimming pool into your landscape you are developing a natural eco system, as I mentioned before. Specifically, the rocks will filter out particulates, beautiful water plants will beat out algae, and a natural bacteria additive will enrich the water, keeping it crystalline and safe for swimming. It is common to add fish to the water to complete the natural cycle. Once the natural eco-system is working the way it should the water will be perfectly safe for you, your friends and family members, as well as the fish .

Relaxing in a natural swimming pool is a great feeling. There is the refreshing component of being in and/or around water on a hot day, as well as the relaxing component of a beautiful, natural environment. Compared to standard outdoor home swimming pools, these natural pools far excel the current norm. As a matter of fact, it is quite possible that the popularity of natural swimming pools will soon surpass regular swimming pools. And especially if you already love gardening, a garden, water garden, and a natural swimming pool could be a stunning and divine combination to add to your overall landscaping design.

Just picture it. You could be wading in an environmentally friendly natural pool. You could swim up to the surface in perfectly safe, clean water next to a cascade of ivy and a rock wall or waterfall. You could tread water while you admire water lilies beside you and beautiful fish swimming around and beneath you. It could be a wonderful experience that you can enjoy again and again for many years to come.

If you are already looking for the perfect outdoor in-ground pool for your home, you should seriously consider digging a natural swimming pool as opposed to any other alternative. There are many helpful guides online and in magazines and books.

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