Modern Plywood Bedside Table Design Ideas For Bedroom

Modern Plywood Bedside Table Design Ideas for Bedroom
Hampton Luxury Oak Effect Modern Design Side Table Living Room from Modern Plywood Bedside Table Design Ideas For Bedroom,
Modern Plywood Bedside Table Design Ideas for Bedroom

You are redecorating your bedroom and you do not have a lot of money to spend. Well the cheapest way to do this is using unfinished furniture. Many bedrooms tend to look heavy with dark wood and bulky chests and bed tables. If you do not like this look, then I suggest looking into unfinished furniture.

Let us start with your bedside tables. There are many bedside tables on the market today, but I have found that the most economical way to spend your money is using the cheap pine bedside cabinets. Yes, they do look a little tacky at first, but you can finish them in so many ways.

If you want a lighter finish, keeping the look of the pine, then you can easily use a clear sealant on them. You can also apply a lighter color stain to go with the other pieces of furniture in your room. If you have chosen to use all unfinished furniture in your room, then you can use paint to dress up all of the furniture. It is all according to your taste.

You should always check the quality of the cheaper cabinets. There are some on the market that are thrown together with glue and will fall apart in a short time. Even cheap furniture can be well made. You should always make sure the pieces are nailed together and the joints are tongue and groove.

If there is a drawer in your cabinet, please ensure that it does not have a flimsy, thin piece of plywood for a bottom. The bottom of the drawer should be strong enough to hold the things you plan to put in it. Nothing is more frustrating than to have a drawer bottom fall out as you are opening it to retrieve an item.

Always make sure you purchase your cheap pine bedside table from a local dealer. If you are truly lucky, you may find a local artisan who can make you one on the cheap.

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