Modern Minimalist Sofa

Modern Minimalist sofa
Big Sofa Design from Modern Minimalist Sofa,
Modern Minimalist sofa

Modern Minimalist Sofa. Furniture trends cannot be complete without knowing the sofa trends. Why? Because it is the first and foremost furniture that one can think of buying for a new home or for remodeling home. A sofa is the heart of any living room but now it is not confined to the living room alone.

There are sofas for bedroom and kitchen too! However, the focus will always remain on living room sofas. The trends for sofa 2019 have been compiled to help all those readers who love to decorate and renovate their homes

Modern Sofa Design Trends- Modern sofa is all about looking good and feeling comfortable- both at the same time. It has straight lines. Minimalistic designs are the norm of the day. It is bulky and comfy with a perfect match of upholstery material, color, and design.

What more, it keeps utility in consideration too but in this attempt never compromises with its beauty. So, the modern sofa will have ample storage, can be folded at times or have other useful features but in such a way that enhances the look and comfort of the sofa.

Sofa Color Trends- Color range in which the contemporary sofa will be mostly available is essentially neutral. Simple and stylish neutral colors have become the essence of a modern home. However, bold and bright colors have not been neglected altogether.

They are introduced in forms of throw cushions or in form of other accessories. If you can afford to change your sofa color every couple of years, you might like to go with modern day color trend that indicates towards neutral colors like cream, taupe, coffee, camel, white or black

Sofa Upholstery Trends- Mixing and matching of fabrics- that is the hottest trend in modern sofa design. A sofa that combines a leather and fabric upholstery design will be liked by the present day home decorators.

However, all leather or all fabric sofas will not be altogether out of the scene, they will be creatively matched with accessories. For example, matching or contrasting throw cushions and throw rugs will be used to produce interest in the sofa having upholstery only in one material.


Green Sofa- Not the color green but the eco-friendly sofa will be the hottest trend. People will prefer to buy a reclaimed and recycled wooden sofa and will avoid buying those made from endangered woods. Sofa made from bamboo and other eco-friendly woods like rubber wood will get popular.

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