Modern Black And White Christmas Décor Ideas

modern black and white Christmas decor, black balloons up

Christmas isn’t only about red, gold and emerald, why not try other color combos if you feel tired of these traditional ones? Black and gold, fuchsia and tangerine, emerald and gold, all-white or pastel are amazing alternatives to usual ones. Today I’d like to share some different ideas that look whimsy and very modern: black and white. This timeless color scheme isn’t very usual for Christmas but it looks so eye-catching!

Black and white just scream minimalism and modernism, laconic and chic décor, Nordic-inspired touches. Black and white is a perfect color combo for a minimalist, modern, glam, Nordic, even industrial style, everything depends on the touches you add to the decor. If you think that black and white are boring, you can always add some colorful touches: red, emerald, gold, silver or hot pink

Black And White Christmas Trees

Black or white Christmas trees look amazing and whimsy, you can decorate black ones with ornaments, and white with black baubles. Find a unique ombre white to black Christmas tree and decorate it with contrasting or matching ornaments for a statement. Another idea is to take a usual tree and decorate it with black or white ornaments, garlands, signs and other stuff you like. I also like tiny trees, even potted ones, decorated in this monochrome color combo. Looks too ordinary? Add gold touches and your tree will sparkle!

Black And White Christmas Ornaments

There’s no black and white Christmas without monochrome ornaments! Choose amazing ones that have patterns that you like or make them yourself. You just need white or black Christmas ornaments and some sharpies or paints, then choose an image, letter or paint that you like and make them. invite your kids to craft together and make them altogether. I’m talking not only about baubles but also about felt, paper, cardboard and wood ornaments of various shapes and looks.

Black And White Christmas Gifts

Gift boxes can be used for décor and to present gifts, of course, so you need some monochrome wrapping paper and gift tags and toppers. Buy paper or make your own, printed with polka dots, stripes, stars or snowflakes. You can also opt for graphic wrapping paper with white sides or make some chalkboard paper and chalk on it. Black and white ornaments will be great gift toppers.

Other Ideas

You may also try a monochrome wreath, garland or tablescape with a Nordic feeling. Black and white advent calendars, gifts and a star-shaped light garland will look amazing. All of such decorations can be made by yourself or together with kids, wreaths can be crafted of deco mesh, garlands of paper, davent calendar of cardboard and so on, rock various materials and read tutorials on the web to make them for yout monochrome Christmas.


printed monochrome pillows, a white star garland
printed monochrome pillows, a white star garland
Nightmare before Christmas deco mesh wreath
modern black and white Christmas decor, black balloons up

striped black and white gift wraps with a black bow
stripe and polka dot gift wraps are pure elegance
creative printed monochrome gift wrapping paper
Nordic-inspired ornaments for decor
marbled Christmas baubles
make such cool ornaments together with your kids and decorate your tree
a quilted black and white bauble
an unusual paper Christmas tree with white stars
ombre black and white tree with corresponding glitter ornaments
chic black and white Christmas tree decor with silver touches for a sparkle
a small Christmas tree with black letter decor and pompoms
cedar Christmas tree with black and white ornaments
bold black and white Christmas tree decor, plaid monochrome textiles
a small white tree decorated with black letters will help your kids learn them
a black Christmas tree with white icicle and snowflake ornaments
a crispy white tree with black matte and glossy ornaments

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