Large Wall Mirror Ideas Luxury 12 Brilliant Ideas for Decorating with Large Wall Mirror
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Large Wall Mirror Ideas Luxury 12 Brilliant Ideas for Decorating with Large Wall Mirror

Large Wall Mirror Ideas

Adding new mirrors to your home is a fantastic way to spruce up the style of a room, be it the bedroom, living room, or another space in the home. Mirrors are economical and can quickly add to or create a design aesthetic for your home.

Sometimes home furnishing items come with a matching mirror, for instance when you purchase a dresser. However, adding large mirrors to your home does not have to coincide with another furnishing purchase. Decorative mirrors are great for creating a new look and feel in a space or for adding to or completing the look. This article is here to help you decide what mirror would be best for your home decor.

Mirrors are so often used for home decoration and they break down into three common categories: the dressing mirror, the cheval mirror, and the wall mirror.

The dressing mirror is full length and is usually attached directly to the wall, the back of a door or the inside of a cupboard door. A popular way method of displaying a dressing mirror is to simply lean it against the wall. However, if there are small children in the home, it is advisable to safely secure the mirror. When not affixed to the wall, dressing mirrors can freely be moved around the room as needed.

Like the dressing mirror, the full length cheval mirror, allows for checking out appearance from head to toe. However, cheval mirrors are freestanding, fastened with hinges to a frame, allowing the user to rotate or angle the mirror for a better view. Smaller cheval mirrors are also available. They are a very popular choice because they add accent nicely in a bathroom or even a living area. They can also be placed on top of a dresser or chest of drawers.

The wall mirror is typically attached to the dresser or mounted on the wall above the dresser. Wall mirrors are also very nice for hanging in a living room, hall ways, and for playing with the reflective properties of natural light in a room.

When buying large mirrors, cheval mirrors specifically for a dresser, be sure that your new mirror fits the scale of the room size or of the dresser size where it will be placed. Read and follow the mounting instructions carefully and always make safety your number one priority with any home improvement job.

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