24 Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Kitchen Decorating Ideas
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Kitchen Decorating Ideas

To those who love to create masterpieces in cooking, the kitchen is the best place to spend their time in. Like the rest of your house, you must have always wanted to decorate your kitchen. Many times, you would have paged through a few magazines lying in your wall storage units to gather some ideas. Yet somehow or the other, you rejected them. Sometimes you would not have the correct lighting, or your built in cabinet might not match the style of the theme. Whatever may be the case, you cannot deny that you desperately need to decorate it well. To help you out further in this, here are some perfect ideas to make your kitchen look warm and welcoming.

At first, you need to select a theme for your kitchen. A themed kitchen will speak of your creativity on its own. There are five main options you can select from; country style, contemporary, shaker, French country, or arts and crafts.

• Country style:

A country look will be somewhat a farm-style kitchen where you will see open shelves, pot racks and many color schemes.

• Contemporary:

This is comparatively a more modern look which appears to be clean and simple and depict sophistication. In this kitchen, you will see a futuristic look. The cupboards will be simple and sometimes open, without any carvings or any extravaganza.

• Shaker:

This is a very simple style which features flat panel doors, wooden countertops and brass handles.

• French country:

This kind of theme includes wood and soft colors which are warm and inviting and the furniture is usually large, apparent and has a rustic look.

• Arts and Crafts:

As the name suggests, this type of a kitchen theme pictures your level of creativity which involves a style which includes featured glass doors and natural wood tones, finished in a matt sheen style.

Next, you should consider the accessories you would like to add to your kitchen. Select the accessories according to the desired look for example, use barstools, kitchen curtains and appropriate lighting on your cupboards. Along with that, add some pottery that suits your style. Make them big enough (if you have enough space) or colorful enough to be noticeable. You can add more spice to your kitchen by using a wide selection of table cloths, placemats, or kitchen towels.

A great idea to add more life to the décor is to paint the room according to the theme. If your theme involves a wood and a traditional style, do not paint your surrounding with a color that is too dark. Use a bold paint color for a contemporary theme and arts and crafts look would be ideal. As for other themes, use lighter tones for the kitchen.

Finally, it is about the little enhancers you use. You can find little pieces of art, like seashells or small pottery to add more charm to the countertop. You can also decide to substitute curtains with colorful blinds. In all, it is your decision on how you want to decorate your kitchen! Play according to your preferences, and you can have a beautiful kitchen.

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