45 + Interior Design Ideas for your Home

Interior Design Ideas for Your Home
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Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

Cozy cottage ideas. Would you love to retreat into a cozy cottage style home each day? If you love the thought of living in a cabin style home, or you are hoping to find furniture that matches the retreat of your getaway home, consider a few furniture picks. Each space is different, but with the right furniture, you can easily create a welcoming retreat no matter if it is the home you come home to each night or the one you see when you are on vacation. The key is to know how to use furniture as a core element within the space.

Take into consideration the following tips to help you to create the right look for any space. Remember that it can take a bit of time to find just the right look for your unique space, but these tips will give you inspiration.

– Head to the bedroom first. To create a cozy cottage feel here, consider the furniture and the materials in the room. Focus on wood in its true form. You want to see the knots in furniture or the wood grain in the planks. You do want to feel rough textures in the space, including on any furniture here. To get the cozy element, though, consider dressing the space up with fabrics. Go with an upholstered headboard. Upholstered headboards can add color and texture to space quickly. A light color will create warmth while a pattern can add a bit more interest to space


– Head to the living room for the next step. Here, focus on creating a space that makes you want to sit down, put your feet up and relax. Choose leathers for the furniture. Go with a rustic feel to the space with wood tones throughout. You will want to add a soft or plush rug to this space because it helps to play on the senses, helping you to create a cottage like the feel of relaxation. Finally, add the right light. Use a dimming light for the center of the room. However, do add a few lamps on the coffee tables and side tables. This way, you can easily read a book curled up on the couch.

– Next, consider the areas of the home where you will entertain. Perhaps you have an area where you can dress up space with a bar. Add discount bar stools with an old world charm to them. Rustic woods are great, but you can also use metals here. The key is to choose a great bar and stool set that reminds you of relaxation.

Each of these elements is an important part of the overall cozy feel of any space. Give yourself areas to stretch out and to relax, but at the same time do have areas where you can entertain. Keep in mind, if space is small, you can always use bar stools at the kitchen counter or island for your table area. This is yet another way to add stylish function to your cottage feel. Go ahead and check out discount bar stools and do not forget those great upholstered headboards for this space


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