Indoor Jungle Inspirations

Indoor Jungle Inspirations_04
Indoor Jungle Inspirations_04
Indoor Jungle Inspirations_04

If you’re wondering where to start with creating a jungle theme room, we’re here to give you some great ideas. Jungle theme walls are a great way to create a visually stimulating room, and bring some vibrant colors into your home.

Start from the ground up – to emulate the ground, get some green carpeting (can be area rugs) and lay it down on the floor.

For the ceiling, get some brown and green construction paper, and trace out some designs (trees, jungle canopy.) Using an exacto knife, cut the designs and adhere them to the ceiling. To recreate the look of vines hanging from the trees, you can dip pieces of rope into green paint, and then wait for them to dry. Then string them from ceiling to wall across the room for a real jungle feel.

For the walls, theres a great variety of jungle theme wall murals available. You can buy a complete jungle theme package to cover all of your walls, or pick and choose borders and animals to place strategically around the room.

Some indoor plants will go a long way in creating an exotic jungle theme feel. It doesn’t really matter if they’re real or fake – youre more or less just adding a visual to your jungle theme room at this point. If you chose to go with real plants for your jungle room, just make sure they’re easily accessible to make watering easier.

My favorite idea is the fact that you can send in a picture of your own animal and have it turned into an awesome wall graphic! You can really have a lot of fun with this, and it will be pretty cool to see your pet be king of the jungle!

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