35 Garden Water Features

Garden Water Features
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Garden Water Features

Presence of water is essential in any landscape. Presence of still water or moving water makes the environment soothing and relaxing. The presence of water features in the garden are necessary in modern world as they transform the ordinary garden into delightful treat. A small, simple container garden or a fountain, still pool or a cascading stream are some examples of water features that are found in gardens.

According to Feng Shui the presence of water in garden is beneficial for both home and for people living round. Presence of any water feature makes the area inviting for birds, fishes any other organisms.

Some water features of the garden

1. Solar water fountain requires no wiring and form their function from solar energy which gets trapped in the panels placed in the sun. These are self contained units and recycle the water.

2. Water spirals and overflows from the rim of a central sundial. They are built as an elegant mirror-polished stainless steel hemisphere. It creates the illusion in the mind of viewer that entire sculpture is rotating.

3. A terracotta urn is self-contained water feature used mainly in hotels and restaurants. It has water bubbles that runs down the sides of the ribbed urn into the reservoir placed below.

4. A delicate water feature made of stainless steel leafy stems can be placed at centre of the garden. It rises up slightly and jets the water from the end of each leave.

5. Water blades are usually placed on the garden wall. They create a fascinating, dynamic sheet of water. They can be placed above the pond with proper LED lightning for exciting visual look.

6. Wall fountain are available in rust look, natural look, tough look. They are well suited for small garden area.

7. Add golden fishes to your small ponds for providing exciting look to the whole area.


Thus you can choose some artificial fountain for creating elegant look in your garden. There are various options for adding water feature for large and small garden area. Choose them for the center area or for front area of the garden to make your inviting for guest.

There are many companies that provide these products in various shapes and sizes. You can order them online or choose from the market place. These artificial water features are durable and could withstand harsh weather conditions. Thus make your garden a better place by adding these water features.


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