Fireplaces To Accent Your Living Room

If you are happy enough to have a fireplace in your home, make it an attractive focal point! There are many ways to clad your fireplace – with wood, stone, brick and other materials but today we’ll discuss something more traditional: tiled fireplaces. There are lots of options to transform a fireplace in a super bold feature using tiles, wanna see them all? Take a look at our round and get inspired!

Patterned Tiles

If you wanna add pattern to your space without being obtrusive with it, clad your fireplace with patterned tiles. The most popular idea is geometric tiles – grey and white, black and white or blue and white, they create a bold look with a contrasting color scheme and prints they feature. Extend them to the floor to leave an impression and add rich-stained mantels to highlight the colors. You may also go for Moroccan patterns for a boho space, wood or marble imitating tiles for a more neutral yet catchy look. The latter are very popular, whatever color you choose – black, grey or white, the elegant pattern always works and you can make them catchier cladding with a herringbone pattern.

Plain Tiles

Plain tiles are absolutely welcome to make your fireplace look wow! Of course, you may go neutrals if you love neutral shades and if your living room is about such colors but rocking dark and bold shades is much cooler! Play with contrasts rocking dark green or navy tiles and white grout, add color with turquoise tiles of catchy shapes or create a pattern cladding various bright tiles. Accent your living room with a gorgeous fireplace nook!


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