Enjoy the Beauty of Outdoor Garden Benches

Enjoy the Beauty Of Outdoor Garden Benches Luxury Garden Furniture for Every Space
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Enjoy the Beauty Of Outdoor Garden Benches Luxury Garden Furniture for Every Space

Many times homeowners will load up their decks, patios and gardens with lots of individual chairs, but there’s another seating solution that will not only add beauty, but perhaps invite a little romance and order to your outdoor spaces as well.

Outdoor garden benches are a great seating solution in the great outdoors. They increase your seating space, given the fact that several people can fit on outdoor garden benches in a space usually occupied by one or two in traditional garden chairs.

They are ideal for placing around a fountain, fire pit or garden round, where you want maximum seating. Outdoor garden benches are also perfect for placing around the property, such as along a garden trail or in a far away corner which has a particularly beautiful view.

In the old days, outdoor garden benches were the perfect place to court one another. They allowed you to nestle closely while still remaining a gentleman and a lady. While the modern mores are a bit freer now, romance can still be in the air with a couple well-placed outdoor garden benches.

But don’t think for a moment that benches must only have seating for two. Far from it. Today’s garden benches come in all sizes, from intimate seating for two to larger benches seating three, four or even more. These are ideal for large summer parties where there never seems to be enough space for guests. Best of all, when not in use, they can be set flush against deck or balcony railings, freeing up the main space until the next party.

Outdoor garden benches come in all sizes, too. You can get simple benches that don’t have any backs or armrests at all, get models with backs or ones with backs and armrests. You can also get motion benches, which swing or rock gently.

If you live on the water, consider adding a couple benches to your dock. This provides an idyllic place to watch the sun rise or set or watch the kids enjoy the time of their life on the water. The same is true if you have a drop-dead gorgeous view of the mountains or a valley. A bench is sure to create a Kodak moment you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

When you’re shopping for outdoor garden benches, you’ll want to give some thought to the material the benches are made of. Northern white cedar, red cedar and teak are all good traditional choices and will hold up well in the weather. There are also wrought iron and aluminum benches, which have their own beauty to them and in certain parts of the country, can weather the elements even better than wood does.

Try to stay away from the cheaper models you see in discount stores. While a wrought iron and wood bench looks great, you’ll quickly find that when you sit on it that the slats bow dangerously. These just don’t have the quality engineering and construction more expensive outdoor garden benches have. You will be very disappointed if you try to cut corners.

That said, you can still find great bargains on outdoor garden benches. Toward the middle of the summer season in northern parts of the country you’ll find that all outdoor furnishings go on clearance sale. The only downside is there is little selection left.

However, you can go online year round and shop for discounted benches. Retailers there have huge selections throughout the year because they don’t have to get rid of their outdoor furniture to make room for Christmas trees. Best of all, many retailers online offer free shipping, so the deals can even be better. Quality is good, but remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” Be certain that you’re getting good quality, even when it appears to be a rock bottom price.

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