Dorm Room Decorating Tips

Dorm Room Decorating Tips Fresh College Bedroom Ideas Internetunblock Internetunblock
Dorm Room Decorating
Dorm Room Decorating Tips Fresh College Bedroom Ideas Internetunblock Internetunblock

Dorm rooms are usually very small box-shaped rooms with white walls. Who wants to live in that type of room for 8 months? Most colleges don’t allow you to make any real major redecorating choices when it comes to a dorm room, but there are still plenty of unique ways that you can decorate your dorm and make it your own.

Personalize the Dorm Room

Most colleges do not you allow to hang nails in the wall in a dorm room, but that doesn’t have to prevent you from hanging photographs on the wall. One way that you can still hand photos and framed pieces of art is with sticky adhesives that are meant to hold heavier objects. You can also do a collage of photographs, paste them on a piece of cardboard or poster board, and hang those on the wall as well.

Add picture frames on your desk and other shelving areas to personalize those as well. Oftentimes, college students will get homesick and having pictures of your own can help you get through the times when you are missing home as well as lend some style to the dorm room.

Add Color and Style with the Bedding

One of the best ways to add some color and style to your dorm is with the bedding that you choose. If you are sharing your room with another person, you can even try to coordinate bedding so that the two bedding sets complement each other.

With a dorm room, you can afford to go with a louder and more out there bedding set since you know that the walls can’t be painted from the normal white or cream. This is your chance to express your style and favorite colors through your bedding. Be sure that you get the correct size bedding for the dorm, as some colleges only have extra long twin beds that need the extra long sheets.

Organize with Style

When you have such a small living space as you do with a dorm, you need to make sure that you are organized and that everything has the proper place. You can make your organization stylish, though.

Look for baskets and bins that reflect your style and what you like in décor. Baskets and bins are a great way to keep things organized and clean as well as add some color and some personality to a dull room. Look for all different shapes and sizes as you may want some to go on your desk, in your closet, on the floor and under your bed.

Keep the Decor as Simple as Possible

Remember that your dorm is not going to be that big. If you are sharing it with a roommate, you’re going to have even less space. Don’t feel like you have to bring everything from home or have every inch of the walls covered with something. It is best to keep things as simple as possible to avoid your room from being over-cluttered and appearing even smaller than it actually is.

Decorating a dorm should be fun as it is most likely the first time that you have been living in your own living space outside of your parent’s house. Be sure to add some of your personality to the room and enjoy the area that you live in because you are going to be spending quite some time there.

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