DIY Geometric Planters

Diy Geometric Planters
Picture DIY geometric concrete planter from DIY Geometric Planters,
Diy Geometric Planters

Geometric designs are currently popular, and some such furniture and decorations will make your home very trendy. I’ve collected the easiest and most important decorations that every house might need – planters! Geometric planters and pots are an amazing idea for anyone, they are easy to make, even if you don’t have any craft skills. Clay or concrete is the easiest idea to achieve attractive shapes; You can choose various sizes and appearance. by painting planters using several geo-boxes, triangles, rectangles and so on will create its own beauty. You can also make a geo planter hanger from several tubes or wires. Read the tutorial below and find the best ideas for your home!

Geometric planter is trending now.  modern geometric planter projects that you can make yourself. You can use concrete, wood or cement to make them.

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