Decorating Tips For Kids Bathrooms

Decorating Tips for Kids Bathrooms Unique Mickey Mouse Bathroom Ideas and Design for Kids Mickey Mouse Kids
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Decorating Tips for Kids Bathrooms Unique Mickey Mouse Bathroom Ideas and Design for Kids Mickey Mouse Kids

There are a few simple guidelines that can be used to give a new, vibrant look to your kids bathroom. The most important thing to consider while going about this process is to take into account your kids’ likes, dislikes, tastes and preferences. It is vital to include their inputs so that they are happy and satisfied with the final look of their bathroom. There are lots of ways to decorate your children’s bathroom.

1) If the bathroom you are decorating is meant for a girl, feminine colours like light pink, mauve and purple can be used. They are sure to catch her attention and make her feel like a princess. Soft, pastel shades enhance the look of a girl’s bathroom. The wallpaper can be in floral prints and if you choose to go for paint on the walls, different textures that are a combination of different colours like pink and white or red and white can be used. This surely can appeal to her imagination. Everything, from the doormats to the bathtub can be in different shades of pink. This will enable the bathroom to look beautiful and stunning.

2) If you are decorating a bathroom for your boy, blue is usually the most preferred colour. The ceiling can be made to look like a sky with a light blue colour that is painted with white clouds. The wallpaper can also be in different geometric designs made up of shades of blue.

3) You should talk to your kid and ask him/her about their preferences relating to a particular cartoon or movie. You can choose a character they like and get it printed on one wall in the bathroom with the other walls being off white. This can become the focal point of the bathroom and help to make it look pleasing. Moreover, your kid will love to spend time here with their favourite cartoon character peeking out from the wall.

4) If the bathroom is meant for shared use by children of both genders, you should go in for neutral colours that are neither too feminine, nor too masculine. The best colour choices here include different shades of orange, yellow, purple and green.

5) Apart from changing major things like wall paint and wallpaper, you may also enhance the look of a bathroom by choosing a particular theme and then placing objects of practical use in the bathroom that pertain to this theme. For example, the toothbrush holder can be in the shape of a particular cartoon character whose theme you may have chosen. Even the knobs on the doors can be of the same theme. You can also make this theme visible by using suitable rugs, door mats and lighting. The towels can feature the paintings of the same.

6) Curtains are an important feature of any part of the house and this holds true for bathrooms too. Curtains that are made up of plastic and have a playful and fun design showcased on them can be put up.

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