Colorful Boho Chic Christmas Décor Ideas

Christmas star-shaped cookies hanging from a branch

Christmas is coming, slowly but it is, so why not look for some adorable ideas to make these holidays even more special? Festive home décor is number one means to create a holiday atmosphere and set up the mood, and today’s roundup is about window décor. Windows require some cute touches: they may continue your décor theme or create an ambiance if this isn’t a living room with a large Christmas tree and you need additional décor.


Painting windows is the easiest way to create something personal and unique, it won’t take much time or money, just turn on your imagination and write and paint whatever you want. These can be your favorite Christmas carols or songs, snowflakes, snowballs and so on. The only disadvantage can be removing this beauty from the windows when the season is over.

Wreaths And Garlands

Wreaths and garlands are among the most popular decorations all over the house, they are affordable and can be found at the closest store. You can easily make evergreen garlands, add lights and hang them over the windows, or make evergreen wreaths and add elegant bows for a chic look.


Grab some ornaments and hang them on the window or hang a branch over the window and then your ornaments on it. These can be your favorite ones, vintage ones, made by kids or by yourself, stuffed, paper and plastic baubles – everything that comes to your mind. You can make and hang foodie ornaments, for example, Christmas cookies with frosting, and hang them onto a branch, or citrus and close hangings that will bring an adorable Christmas scent to the home.

Other Window Decorations

Hang light garlands or evergreen letters that will decorate your windows with the words you like. Hang pinecone garlands on bold strings or gift boxes for a holiday feel. Decorate your window sills with potted evergreens and candles, with branches in tube vases and pinecones, Merry Christmas!

lush evergreen wreaths and garlands are a timeless option that fits any interior
lit up fir garland and wreath with red bows
red plaid curtains and wreaths with red bows
bake some gingerbread cookies and hang them
candy canes hanging from an evergreen garland are ideal for holidays
Christmas star-shaped cookies hanging from a branch
citrus hangings and a clove that will give your home holiday scents
evergreen branches and ornaments
gold ornaments and an oversized shining star
oversized ornaments hanging on the window are an easy to reliaze idea
these IKEA star pendants create a stunning silhouette to add to your windows
branches in tube vases and pinecones for rustic window decor
pale potted greenery and faux birds on a branch display
patterned pots, mossm beads and candles for rustic decor
star-shaped light garlands on the window
white pinecones on red strings for a simple and eye-catchy garland

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