Creating a Home Office Space

Creating A Home Office Space Luxury Creating A fortable Workspace Fice Furniture fortable Home
Creating a Home Office
Creating A Home Office Space Luxury Creating A fortable Workspace Fice Furniture fortable Home

Finding a quiet place to work as a telecommuter can be tricky, especially when you are trying to work that space into the existing chaos and clutter of your home. The best thing you can do is set aside a small room (or even a corner in less frequently used room!) and claim it as your home office space. You don’t need much square footage to create a functional, organized and productive office space, and establishing a set office space will help keep your work and home lives separate.

Here are 3 easy ways to create a home office space you’ll actually want to do work in!

Small Space:

If you would love to have home office but simply do not have the space to take over an entire room, consider converting an armoire or wall unit to create a cleverly concealed office. Find an armoire that can double as a beautiful piece of furniture when the doors are closed, then add shelves for books and papers, file drawers and a pull out shelf for a laptop or keyboard. On the inside doors you add corkboard and use pushpins to help organize your daily tasks, memos and notes. When you close the doors a functional workspace is concealed inside and you get to walk away from the “office” for the night!

Shared Space:

Do you have one office space in your home but two people who need to share it? You could place two small desks back to back (either enough room to maneuver!) with a double-sided bulletin board in between. This gives each telecommuter a private, personal space within the shared office. You could also create a work area by using two small bookcases (about 30 inches high each) for “legs” and a custom cut piece of wood or plexiglass for a desktop. Just add 2 chairs on either side and you have a double desk plus storage from the low-rise bookcases. This is also a great idea for at-home businesses that need room to spread out.

Closet Space:

Another great solution for a home office is to convert a closet. You can fit the closet with a small filing cabinet, cubes for storage, floating shelves, wire baskets, peg boards attached to the doors, hooks, sconce for lighting and a small chair. When you are done with your workday you can simply close the door and leave your work in the closet. While you probably don’t want to use the closet in your master bedroom, a closet in the guest room would be a great option!

These are just three easy home office design solutions when you’re working with limited space. All it takes is a little creativity and you can have a great home office, no matter what amount of floor space you have to work with!

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