Cool Purple Bathroom Design Ideas

The cool thing about purple color scheme is that it can transform any bathroom into a royal retreat. Purple isn’t the most popular color choice for a bathroom but it definitely works well there. In the gallery that we’ve gathered you’ll find bathrooms in different styles and they all feature purple colors. There are so many cool shades of purple that you can easily make your bathroom unique. Pale lilac, deep eggpant, funky amethyst, soothing lavender, all these shades are awesome. Darker shades are dramatic and bring depth, they are very popular for trendy moody spaces, and lighter shades bring a restful feel to the space but without being too cold as some blues, so using them for a bathroom is a great idea. Let’s take a look how to use both kinds of shades in your bathing space. Don’t hesitate to make your bathroom gorgeous and unique!

Deep And Bright Purple

Deeper shades of purple are amazing for creating trendy moody spaces, go sleek for a minimalist look or prefer super elegant purple decor paired with black or dark chocolate touches. Bright purple shades are great to create a bold space – contemporary, modern farmhouse, modern or even vintage. You may pair purples with any shades you like but white and off-white are usually used to refresh the space. if you don’t feel like rocking too much purple, add a statement wall in purple, a bathtub, a vessel sink or an artwork.

Lavender And Light Purple

Lavender and light purples are welcome to make your space tender, delicate and soft, these are ideal for girlish and just romantic spaces. The walls can be done in such shades, you may also go for a lavender bathtub, sink and even textiles – choose floral ones for a delicate touch.


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