45 Coffee Table – Great Ideas on How to Reclaim Your Old One

Coffee Table - Great Ideas On How to Reclaim Your Old One
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Coffee Table - Great Ideas On How to Reclaim Your Old One

Home renovations come and go, leaving an abundance of used furniture like the old haggard sofa and matching dilapidated coffee table. But, a fresh new color on the walls doesn’t mean all the furnishings need to be replaced with spanking new designs. In fact, looking into the past may be more fulfilling than a trip to the local furniture store. And if an antique can be found or even made, you’ve saved time, energy and money.

It doesn’t always make sense to throw away something used to replace it with something new and it can really add unneeded cost to a renovation project. Buying premium coffee tables with solid construction will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. This smart investment upfront will give you a sound piece of furniture which can easily be updated over the years to fit your changing décor. To keep your sofa table hip and yet timeless over the years, consider a traditional design or even a contemporary piece made of wood.

Traditional styles can be updated with a coat of paint, or perhaps sanded in preparation for a darker stain. Faux finishes such as a rustic crackle or golden antiqued Tuscan design can also liven up a drab old coffee table and make it fit seamlessly into your new décor. If your coffee table features a glass top, consider painting the underside with a landscape or bouquet of flowers for a fresh new look. Or, if you’re looking for a drastic change, replace the existing glass with an inexpensive piece of plywood grouted in tile of any size and color. Interchange the glass and tiled inserts as desired for a refreshing look in your décor. With this simple renovation, the possibilities are endless when it comes to design!

Contemporary coffee tables are as functional as they are beautiful. Often made with sleek lines and streamlined materials, they often only look best in modern spaces. However, many new sofa tables act as much like art as they do a functional table. As the design in your home changes, perhaps making that old coffee table look new again is as easy as changing its function. Seating is almost always an issue during small gatherings. By placing your coffee table against the wall and using colorful cushions to cover the top, you have converted that same table into a versatile bench!


So many items in our fast-paced lives are disposable, but with a little creativity, old furniture can be made new again without giving it away or tossing it to the curb. The design possibilities are endless as long as you take the time to look at your belongings in a new perspective.


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