20 Chic And Bold Front Door Planter Ideas

graphite grey planters with lush greenery and bright blooms line up the door and give the porch a fresh feel

The walkway, porch and front door are the first things people see when they come, and this is your chance to create a good first impression. Don’t neglect these areas and decorate them no less thoroughly than the inner areas! There’s a very cool idea to make these spaces welcoming: decorate them with planters. How to do that? Here are some ideas.

Symmetrical Front Door Planters

Symmetrical front door planters are sure to give your porch a more and elegant formal look. Consider the style of your front porch and the colors while choosing the planters: match them with the door, with the style and choose what to grow. For example, if you have a shiny black door, matching planters will give your porch special chic, and to refresh such a look, you may use some greenery and a neutral rug. If it’s a farmhouse porch, try vintage lamps and wooden or metal planters to create an ambience. Want a bright accent for the porch? Prefer bold and lush blooms planter or go for citrus trees even.

Mismatching Front Door Planters

If you want a more casual feel for your porch, mix and match the planters or go for planters only in one side and no planters in the second. You may try a single and large planter with a statement plant you like – with a laconic door you’ll get a very contemporary and fresh look. Make different planters to frame the door but plant more or less the same inside – only greenery, only cacti or only succulents to create a more cohesive look. If you have enough space, one planter may be substituted with a whole plan stand with various types of greenery and blooms.

a blush door in farmhouse style, wall lamps and planters with purple blooms for a cozy rustic feel
a black door and black planters with ferns and blooms for a modern and stylish porch
galvanized planters with the same bright blooms give a rustic and cozy feel to the porch
a white door with glass and a house number plus wooden planters and small trees for a vintage farmhouse feel
vintage box planters with bright purple blooms and trees plus a neutral wooden door
a cobalt blue front door and striped planters with small trees and a jute rug for a bright and welcoming porch
white planters with super lush and colorful blooms catch an eye and lamps over them will accent them even more
symmetrical black wooden planter boxes with greenery, blooms and large candle lanterns for farmhouse charm
matching white and graphite grey planters with various greenery and flowers refresh and dress up the porch
a cobalt blue door and matching planters with bright blooms and citrus trees for a Mediterranean feel
graphite grey planters with lush greenery and bright blooms line up the door and give the porch a fresh feel
a sage green door matches the greenery that is growing in the large milk churns
a navy door with glass, navy patterned planters with ferns and vintage lamps over the pots
a mustard farmhouse door, antique stone urns with greenery and yellow blooms to match the door
a black glass door, a buffalo plaid rug, a metal planter with fern and some planters on the wall
a blush door and a large planter in blush and white to match with a large plant and brass wall lamps
a dove grey door, a vintage lamp and a duo of black planters with blue flowers create a cozy vintage-inspired porch
a large contemporary door with glass inserts, three planters with blooms and greenery on the porch
a large grey planter with a mini tree plus a laconic black door to make a chic minimalist porch
a matte black door, a grey planter with lush greenery and a simple rug for a modern feel
a planter with a cactus and a planter with greenery on a stand match the green door and a wreath adds charm

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