Persian rugs have been a coveted and prized floor covering for ages. Authentic Persian rugs are usually quite expensive and are made from natural materials such as wool or silk. While rugs are rarely handmade anymore, older Persian rugs that

If you are thinking of getting some new rugs for your home, consider something a little different from the norm; go in for a round rug. Like other rugs, a round rug can add warmth, depth, style, and color to

Creating a boho chic living room means creating an absolutely different and your personalized atmosphere. Actually, the best feature of this style is that you can use any art pieces, your own works and mix colors ad you wish. Bohemian

Purple is often connected with wealth, peace, independence, luxury and power. The function of living room as the heart of your home needs to be completed with the color of purple. This color will boost the power of family togetherness

Making The Most Of A Small Living Room Minimalist Living Room Small Space. While everyone has certainly fantasized at some point about living in a Surrey mansion, the reality is that the majority of people have limited living space to make

Coral is not only a playful, happy, and vibrant color, but it is also unexpectedly versatile. Somehow it is also underutilized. Many home decorators shy away from bold or bright colors because they can be intimidating, but we’re confident that

Brown is lightly but deeply incredible versatile color which creates a sense of comfort and calm for any living room. Although, brown is not as trendy as blue or white counterparts. To beautify your living room in brown you may

Bohemian decor trend has been around for many years and it is become everyone’s favorite. This style gives your space a cozy atmosphere. The layered eclecticism and the lived-in feel. Bohemian style gives you freedom and can lead your room