A small outbuilding is exactly what a couple needed for their Seattle property. The studio occupies the corner of a backyard filled with carefully-tended plants. First Lamp studio decide to cover the house with white siding and exposed Douglas fir, which is

DIY Backyard Ideas! Today we present you one collection Best DIY ideas for the backyard offers inspiring designs, projects and ideas. Everyone wants a pretty backyard, but hiring a landscape architect may be costly. These projects best for big or small

Affordable Backyard Swimming Pools Backyard Swimming Pools Ideas. Swimming pools in the backyard have ceased being a luxury affordable to only wealthy people. The costs involved in constructing them and also maintaining them is no longer prohibiting. Thanks to an

A well designed garden path is like a guide and takes your friends or visitors through to areas you want to be seen.One may argue that garden design is perceived as the work of experts, landscape architects, landscape designers, garden

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