27 Captivating Front Door Patio Design Ideas

Captivating Front Door Patio Design Ideas
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Captivating Front Door Patio Design Ideas

With some houses, curb appeal takes on a special meaning: The further they are from the curb, the more they appeal. Fortunately, they are the exception to the rule. In most cases, you want visitors and, at some point, potential buyers to get a good look at your home’s façade and to like what they see. As a major focal point, customized exterior wood doors have a big role to play in making that happen.

Like a blockbuster movie though, a home front requires a number of pieces working together to achieve a compelling result. When you think of exterior wood doors as the stars of the show and surround them with a strong supporting cast, the result is a sure bet to “bring down the house”, in a good way.

Tone it Up

Growing up, your parents were always on you to tone it down, but what fun is that? Now that you’re calling the shots, you can start your quest for curb appeal by adding a shot of color to your exterior wood doors.

If the dominant shade of the front side is something low key like gray or cream, installing custom exterior wood doors in vibrant reds or yellows will really spice it up, adding that “wow” factor that’s easy to talk about but hard to achieve. Then invite your parents for a viewing and see if their perspective has changed.

Go Big with the Little Touches

Part of the whole “Mars and Venus” problem is that for women, little things mean a lot, while to men, they’re called little for a reason. That makes women the clear winners in the battle for approval from passers-by.

Using stunning exterior wood doors as your starting point, you can replace worn overhead lights, upgrade that out of date mailbox and repair house numbers that have fallen off or are hanging by a thread. As you do, keep in mind that it’s not just WHAT you replace, but what you replace it WITH. Make sure that they complement each other and fit with the overall look and theme of the exterior.

And the next time your partner tells you it’s all about the little things, use the same response that has served you well in other areas of your relationship: “Yes dear”.

Balance your Priorities


With all the design possibilities today, it’s easy to get carried away and overdo it. Instead, to maximize curb appeal, you’re better off whetting their appetites than force-feeding them. Think in terms of symmetry and simplicity, such as exterior wood doors framed by matching sidelights and identical planters. Properly executed, this strategy will please the eye and pique the interest, motivating onlookers to come inside for a closer look. Whether they get that far, of course, is up to you.

Walk this Way

You can invest a lot of time and money to create an inviting front for your house that includes captivating exterior wood doors, but if the path designed to draw people in actually drives them out, what’s the point? It’s like finally snagging the beauty queen as your grad date and then sending her a bus schedule to get there.

Thus it’s critical to have a well-designed walkway from the curb to exterior wood doors, one that invites rather than repels. For a classic look, choose stone or brick over concrete.


If you’re like most proud homeowners, you’ve worked hard at fashioning a residence with exquisite interior design and thoughtful furnishings. So it’s well worth the effort to make sure the outside does justice to the inside, especially when you’re thinking of selling and want to make a strong first impression. On the other hand, if the place is a bit “lacking”, lose the walkway, dim the lights, and hope for a motivated buyer with marginal vision.

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