Beautiful Plant Hanger Ideas

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Beautiful Plant Hanger Ideas
Home Decorating Ideas Handmade and beautiful macrame plant hanger from Beautiful Plant Hanger Ideas,
Beautiful Plant Hanger Ideas

Indoor gardening allows you to bring your summer garden inside. With an array of plant hangers available you can now hang your plants in practically any window in your home. There is no need for multiple plant stands or crowding plants on the floor. Just by using decorative hangers your indoor garden will look inviting and colorful any time of the year.

Why would you want to choose Plant Hangers? Well first these hangers are made from copper and are very durable. They are also reasonably priced and very affordable. You can also jazz them up with magnetic bugs and colorful beads, really adding warmth to your window locations.

Plant hangers come in many different sizes and colors. You can even grow multiple plants on one hanger. These particular hangers for your plants are designed to grow plant cuttings in water. Again this is very economical and easy. Even if you have a habit of killing your indoor plants, your plant rooters will survive!

To prepare your cutting you simply snip the cutting from the mother plant at a leaf node. Fill your glass vase with spring water and pop in your cutting. Hang your Plant Hangers in a sunny window location and you are done. It is that quick and simple. There is no need to mess around with dirt, dropping on your counter or even on your floor. No feeding is required, you are just letting nature do its own thing.

Some of the plant hangers come with colorful stained glass. Hung in a sunny location, the sun rays will make this glass sparkle and dance during the day. This will look beautiful on a winter’s day. If you have a large bay window, hang a few plant hangers inside for some decoration. You will be the envy of all your friends. Plus you don’t have to tell them just how easy it was to accomplish.

Growing plants indoors can take up lots of room, by making use of the plant hangers you can grow more plant cuttings in a much smaller area. They are easy to maintain, once a month simply check the water level and top up. Once a year you should trim the roots and change the water. What could be easier? The water will not turn brown or start to smell because the root is constantly growing, your cuttings will look and smell fresh all year round.

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