a burgundy statement wall and a matching striped rug in burgundy and gold for a strong fall feel in the space

Beautiful Burgundy Accents For Fall Home Décor

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Burgundy is on top of fall colors, it’s very beautiful and refined. As the fall is not so far, it’s time to think over your fall home décor but using burgundy for the whole room is rather overwhelming. We offer to add just several burgundy accents to make your space pop. For example, a burgundy accent wall will make your living room or bedroom exquisite. Burgundy chairs or sofas are great to make a statement in any room; throws or bedspreads are also great for this aim. In the kitchen some burgundy flowers or fruit are the easiest way to add a fall touch. Look at the ideas below and find out how to rock burgundy shades this fall!

Burgundy Furniture

If you are ready to add a statement in rather a radical way, you can go for burgundy-colored furniture. It can be a sofa, a chair, a sideboard, a table, a coffee table or any other furniture piece that you like, and you may add it anywhere you want – from the kitchen to the bedroom. It will fit both a neutral space or a moody one and can be also incorporated into a colorful room – just add some echoing pieces. Burgundy is a classic refined color, so it will work not only for the fall.

Burgundy Textiles

If you don’t want to spend much time or money and want to add a fall touch to the space easily, go for textiles. These can be burgundy curtains, rugs, blankets, pillows and table runners, which can be easily swapped when the fall is over. Add several touch to one space to create a mood in the space.

a chic refined burgundy velvet chair on wooden legs will add a fall feel and mid-century modern elegance
a tufted burgundy sofa is a bold and refined statement in the space and it will work for all the seasons
a refined burgundy to purple sofa is a chic statement for a fall space – it’s a traditional color and a cool way to make an accent
a burgundy velvet chair with decorative nails trim is a statement for a fall space
a modern burgundy lounger is a statement idea for a fall-inspired living room
a refined burgundy velvet bed with curved parts looks amazing and very welcoming
a color block burgundy, coral and purple pillow for adding a slight fall touch to the space
deep purple and burgundy velvet pillows will spruce up your neutral bedroom and hint on the season
swap for burgundy textiles in your bedroom for the fall – they will make your space feel like autumn
a burgundy statement wall and a matching striped rug in burgundy and gold for a strong fall feel in the space
a refined entryway done with burgundy walls – for those who are ready to paint and repaint the spaces
a wall done with retro-inspired burgundy and gold printed wallpaper is a cool statement idea
a stack of refined fall colored pillows – neutral, burgundy and plaid and embellished for the fall