Accessories For Garden Planters

Accessories for Garden Planters Awesome Garden Decor Fabulous Accessories for Garden Design and Decoration
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Accessories for Garden Planters Awesome Garden Decor Fabulous Accessories for Garden Design and Decoration

For those who do not already have a garden in the yard, garden planters can be an easy way to maintain a colorful environment. Adding a theme to the yard is almost effortless with garden planters because of the wide variety of options and accessories available. There are many accessories that will harmoniously join with whatever garden planter you choose to and create an inviting, classic environment.

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Stands to which hold the planters are common accessories. These stands are not only attractive but they make plants easy to care for and will prevent plants from being trampled by sitting on the ground. They are also a healthy option for the plants because the water will drain out of the bottom and not drown or taint the plants with dirty water collecting at the bottom. These garden planter stands come in different materials from wrought iron to wood to wicker and can be matched perfectly to any planter. Many have different layers of holders to fit more than one plant and they also come in a variety of shapes.

Garden planter stands can either function like a table to set the plant on top of or they can have a base which hangs and hooks to hanging planters. Clustering different garden planter holder designs in one area can provide a unique garden look right on the surface of a deck or porch.

Concrete garden planters match beautifully with statues or bird baths. The concrete material and style adds a rustic theme to your yard and many pieces can be matched with ease. Bird baths can also be purchased in a set with a garden planter already included.

For avid gardeners, potting benches and potting desks are almost essential and can be both beautiful and useful. Most are made of wood or metal and can greatly reduce the messy workspace of a dedicated gardener. The planting benches will reduce back pain while working on your planters.

Storing scissors, gloves, and seeds can be stored inside the drawers and outdoors safely. They can also come with bottom or top rows of shelves for extra storage of planters, pots, or bags of soil. Garden planter benches also make great gifts for a loved one.

Self-watering systems or sensor technologies are available for those who are too busy to water their plants routinely, which will ensure a long life for your plants. Self-watering garden planters usually have a tube running from the bottom of the plant to a container filled with water, which you will have to refill. Sensors can also be placed on the edge of a bucket of water and attached to the soil inside your planters. When the soil does not have enough water, the sensor will go off and water will be added as needed inside the garden planter from the bucket.

Garden planter fountains are also a popular accessory. A natural, comfortable feeling is added to any yard with statues and they are even more iconic when surrounded with colorful flowers. The fountain will also water the plants for you.

Slopes and hills are not the most convenient place for garden planters because the bases are usually flat and they will tip over easily. Garden planter bases can be purchased which have a sloped base to hold the planter straight while sitting on a hill.

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