55 Best Container Vegetables Garden Inspirations Ideas

51 Best Container Vegetables Garden Inspirations Ideas Awesome Spectacular Container Gardening Ideas southern Living
55 Best Container Vegetables Garden Inspirations Ideas-
51 Best Container Vegetables Garden Inspirations Ideas Awesome Spectacular Container Gardening Ideas southern Living

You have made the decision to start growing vegetables in pots. You want to grow an urban vegetable garden. You have always liked the idea of gardening, but you hesitated because of your location. You live in the city, in an urban setting. You never thought it was possible to be a gardener while living in a busy metropolitan city. But you did a little bit of research and you read a few blogs; you checked out several different you tube videos and you became inspired. You have learned that it is possible to have a very lush garden, growing vegetables in containers in the city. Now that you have become motivated and energized, you will want to get some basic supplies: pots, soil, seeds, fertilizer and some kind of weed repellent. These tools are the very basics of gardening, and if you have a true green thumb these are the only tools you will ever really need; well those and sunshine.

Garden Inspirations Ideas

Once you have your tools and you have plotted out the home for your future garden next step is to get or make a garden planting calendar. This is so that you can easily map out what you want to plant, as well as the seasons that are specific to certain vegetations. If you have every thing mapped out on a calendar it makes it easy for you to stay on schedule and plant what you need to plant when you need to plant it.

If you live in very temperate climates or climates that are hot/warm all year round or climates that are constant and easy to predict then your job as a gardener is exponentially easier. Growing vegetables in pots is a lot easier if you live in a region like Miami or San Francisco then you are use to constant warm, sunny, and in Miami’s case humid weather. You don’t have to wonder if the temperature is going to be drastically different from day to day. Now let’s say you live in Chicago or England. Both have wildly unpredictable daily weather. It can rain for a week straight or be windy with over cast for two weeks; it can be sunny and warm in the morning and early afternoon only to find that it is chilly with a slight drizzle by evening. Now this is not to say that it is not possible to be a productive gardener in these regions but it will take a little more planning. That is why a garden planting calendar is a perfect tool for keeping track of the changing seasons as well as the best times to plant for the season.

Growing vegetables

If you want to enjoy your time gardening then the best thing to do is stay organized and on top of things. A garden planting calendar can help you stay on track and act as a visual guideline for your planting deadlines.

As long as you stay organized you can do anything you put your mind to. If you want to keep reading you can find a lot more information on growing vegetables in pots at [http://www.urban-gardening-made-easy.com/]

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