37 Creative Garden Potting Ideas

Creative Garden Potting Ideas Elegant Spectacular Container Gardening Ideas southern Living
Creative Garden Potting Ideas Elegant Spectacular Container Gardening Ideas southern Living
Creative Garden Potting Ideas Elegant Spectacular Container Gardening Ideas southern Living

his article is about creative garden potting ideas for you. If you’re a gardener, chances are you’ve come across more than one person who had a potting bench. And you’ve likely seen how convenient they can be – a quick and easy place to re-pot your indoor plants, start seeds for your garden, and transplant outdoor plants. After seeing this, you obviously want one yourself. Here are a few ideas to help you get a fun and convenient potting bench.

Will You Build or Buy?

You’ve probably already decided whether to build or buy a garden potting bench, but have you considered the advantages of each? Obviously buying is much quicker, easier, and lets you get to the task of gardening right away. But building your own from scratch can have major advantages. You can make it match the area, add convenient features, even create a multi-purpose unit.

Choose a Building Material

Most potting benches are made from wood, especially if you’re making it yourself. Cedar potting benches cast a nice rustic appearance as they age. Another advantage of both redwood and cedar potting benches is their natural durability – you never have to use any harsh stains or chemicals to keep them from rotting. If you’re buying a potting bench, you can also find them in plastic resin, steel, and aluminum.

Potting Worktable Plans

Unless you’re a handyman, you’ll probably want plans if you choose to build your potting workbench. You can find them free online with a web search. If you want more features, you can buy plans or rent a book containing them from your local library.

Get Creative with your Garden Potting Bench


Most potting tables you’ve seen are probably simple desks with perhaps a drawer and shelving underneath. That’s fine if you simply want to transplant, report, and store a few supplies. But you have many more options! Your potting workbench can be multi-purpose: potting bench on one side, a cold frame on the other. Or if you’re adding shelves above the desk area, a small garden tool shed can be put behind which opens to either side – leaving space for mounting against walls. Then again, you can combine your potting bench with your garden hose mount, put it underneath a large window, or attach it to your shed. Other features you can add include:

  • Cabinets
  • Cart
  • Drawers
  • Potting tubs
  • Wheels

So now that you know that you can build your potting work table and make it into something else too, you no longer have to borrow your neighbor gardener’s potting bench! Make it practical, make it fit, and make it fun all at the same time!


There are some beautiful potting benches on the web. Or, if you prefer, you can get a Potting Shed

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